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DSM Coating Resins

DSM Coating Resins supports the coating industry with resins that allow the manufacture and application of sustainable coating technologies, such as waterbased, powder and UV-curing coatings.
Sustainable waterbased, powder and UV-curing coating technologies

Sustainability and innovation are embedded in all our processes, at every level of the organization, all around the world. Our specialty liquid and powder coating resins are shaping the future in decorative paints, high-end flooring, industrial wood, graphic arts and numerous metal applications, ranging from architectural and automotive use to domestic appliances, and more. Now, more than ever before, they are easier to apply, are healthier to the people who use them and friendlier for the environment, while offering great performance. 

By constantly investing in technologies that expand the potential application of sustainable technology, DSM is making a significant contribution to the transformation of the entire paints & coating industry, helping to move towards a sustainable future.

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