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Electrical & Electronics

Smaller, thinner, smarter

From specialty resins that safeguard the world’s fiber-optic cables, to connectors used inside portable consumer electronics like smart phones, tablets and notebooks; to power leads and halogen-free miniature components, our materials and expertise are helping to make Electrical & Electronics (E&E) a better, greener experience.
Data transmission

Volume and speed of data transmission over broadband networks continues to grow apace, with Global IP traffic expected to increase nearly threefold over the next 5 years. Meanwhile, the breadth of electronic equipment devices will also continue to boom – as will their functionality and sophistication – from wearables to smartphones, from phablets to tablets and notebooks to desktops, they are intrinsic to our daily lives.

Against this backdrop and as a part of our wider sustainability drive, DSM is developing solutions that provide increased miniaturization (smaller), ‘thinovation’ (slimmer) and better integration – reducing the number of components. In the process we’re reducing the environmental impact across the total life cycle of consumer products - from hazardous materials and emissions to energy and water use, recycling, use of rare earth metals and minerals and reduction of carbon footprint.

Connecting the world

There’s a bandwidth tsunami that continues to grow. Without fiber-optic cable there is no fast internet connecting the world. And without UV-curable coatings, there is no fiber-optic cable. DSM is the world’s leading supplier of fiber optic coatings, which help assure signal reliability and protect fibers from harsh environmental conditions. We began this journey some 40 years ago, designing the first ever coatings for optical fiber. Today, our products are used by the world’s leading telecommunications companies, extending fiber lifespans to 30 years and beyond. Thanks to DeSolite® Supercoatings, more of the world benefits than ever before from the wonders of the web.

Connector and miniature components

Connectors: The smaller the better

Without doubt our biggest contribution to the connector and miniature components market is our ForTii® range of polyamides. Not only do they last longer at the high, lead-free assembly temperature required to make modern electronics, but they contain no halogens or red phosphorous - greatly reducing the carbon footprint versus ‘traditional’ solutions.

Globally around 30% of all high-temperature connectors and sockets used in electrical devices - from desktops to notebooks, smartphones or tablets - are made of Stanyl® or ForTii. DSM also makes many of the small, plastic components used in electrical devices, from your laptop to major MP3 player brands. Our expertise in polymer technology enables us to keep making smaller, lighter, yet stronger and more durable electronic components. In fact, Stanyl and ForTii are used to produce the smallest connectors in the world. We even make the plastics used in everyday light switches found on the wall at home (yes, we really are making people’s lives brighter).