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Cor Koning

Macromolecular Sciences, Analytical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Materials Sciences

Senior Science Fellow, Polycondensation Technology
Cor Koning

I’m currently working on...

I’m proud to be involved in the development of reversible carpet adhesives, resulting in 100% recyclable polyamide- and polyester-based carpets. Since the carpets are fully recyclable, there are no environmental impacts as a result of burning used material, or disposing of it as landfill. Thanks to this technology, it’s now possible to produce carpets using up to 95% less energy compared to classic carpet materials, using water-based, irreversible glues. I like being involved in this project because it’s fully in line with the DSM philosophy.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is...

Being able to turn science into business. This is the reason why I moved from teaching at Eindhoven University to working for DSM Coating Resins in 2011. I’m also driven by sustainability. One of my ambitions is to develop sustainable binder systems for coatings, if possible based on renewable building blocks or recycled monomers. Another ambition is to develop reversible adhesives that allow complex systems to be disassembled into pure polymers that are fully recyclable.

The breakthrough I would most like to see made in my field is...

The development of water-based coating systems that have the same properties as solvent-based coating systems – which is an enormous challenge. We’re still facing the problem that sustainable, water-based coatings are not yet performing at the same level as organic solvent-based coating systems. Nevertheless, I’m proud that DSM Coating Resins is divesting its solvent-based coating binder systems, in line with the company’s aspiration to “Lead the transformation to sustainable coatings”.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Polycondensation chemistry and technology
  • Engineering plastics
  • Coating resins
  • Copolymerizations of CO2 with epoxides and epoxide/anhydride mixtures
  • Nano-composites
  • Compatibilization of polymer blends
  • Polyesters
  • Polyamides
  • Transreactions (transesterifications/transamidations)
  • Ph.D., Polymers, University of Groningen (the Netherlands)

I represent DSM externally at:

Based in:

Zwolle, the Netherlands